Psyllium is a native plant of Indian Reason. Psyllium has been used for a long time for 5000 years in India as part of Ayurveda and by many different cultural society. Its an Indian traditional medicine present to world throughAyurveda. It is mainly used as traditional medicine as a dietary fiber for constipation.

Psyllium has also present in the Persian history with the name of Isabgol or Ispaghula. It is a addition of two words The word Isap has become from Persian word that means “ear of horse” its so called as because of the shape of Psyllium seeds looks like “ear of horse” and the second word Gol or Ghula that is the origin word ghol that means solution.

In the ancient history of India the Psyllium and Psyllium husk has known as Asvakarna it is a also addition of two Sanskrit word fist one is Asva that means Horse and the second word is Karna that means ear as same the Psyllium seeds looks like Horse’s ear.

Its much difficult to find the ever first use (date, time place ) of Psyllium, but we found evidence in our Ayurveda and there it has described by the name Asvakarna. So we can say its native place is India Or Indian Reason.

Psyllium has been used for as a Traditional Indian Herbal Medicine the main source is from Ayurveda.

In India it is used as a natural, cooling and gentle colon cleanser that is a popular constipation treatment as it effectively improves bowel movements.